About Us

Our organic standards

Who Are We?

Nubotany is made up of a team of hemp lovers, scientists, and hemp experts devoted to the distribution and manufacturing of the world’s finest CBD infused products. We pride ourself in providing full spectrum, all natural, THC Free products. All organically grown in the United States.

At Nubotany we are passionate about what we do. This shows in our diverse range of product line and the amazing service we offer each and every one of our customers.

Our Mission

In a large number of countries, cannabis has been legally approved as a form of medicine for illnesses. Tagged ‘the new superfood’, the positive effects of cannabis continues to be studied by scientists all over the world. Further discovery has shown that CBD also known as cannabidiol which is an extract from Cannabis is a potent healer of anxiety and pain. It has been discovered that there is a strong connection between CBD and body receptors. When CBD comes in contact with its unique receptors in the body it creates anti-inflammatory effects that reduce pain.

With the above, there is a growing popularity of Hemp Derived Cannabidiol (CBD). This makes it important for us to come up with cutting edge and innovative ways to cater to the growing demand of products without compromising quality.

Our mission is to help individuals discover ways to bring healing to their bodies using natural CBD that won’t pose an adverse risk to the body. But rather enhance and support improved all-around body health.

The diverse sizes and range of our products speak of how much we care to cater to your exact needs. Without compromising the results you aim to achieve.

Why Our Products Are The Best?

Our diverse range of hemp oils and creams gives room for you to choose the best product that suits your needs. All are hand made and in small batches to ensure the very highest of quality is maintained.

We also use highly tested methods to produce our creams and tinctures. Making sure you get the maximum form of results from our products.

Taking a look at the components of our oils. Nubotany creams and tinctures contain the core therapeutic cannabinoid found in hemp. Ensuring that you get a soothing and pleasant relief upon use.

Our oils retain the plant’s original phytocannabinoids and terpenes extracts to deliver a wide range of healing formula. Expertly crafted in our FDA approved Laboratory and infused through our unique C02 extraction. We ensure there is no residual solvents remain in our final product.

Our passion lies in giving you the results you aim to achieve. Nubotany products are certified 100% THC Free and the easiest way to consume your daily dose of Hemp Extracts. Guaranteeing optimal health and supporting a better mind and body.

Using our products will not impair and are non-habit forming. They are the best way to manage health and pain issues. There are lots of companies out there offering CBD infused products. None comes close to the amazing benefits that Nubotany Oils and Tinctures offer.